“I was a client at the King Salmon Camp during the 2016 season.  Tyler Caskey runs a great camp and has years of experience on the river.  He  knows which areas on the river are productive and where to locate the largest fish. His staff is kind and capable, giving guests a comfortable and extremely memorable experience. For anyone looking for a king salmon fishing experience, I highly recommend the King Salmon Camp!” -- Jason Elam (Denver Broncos '93-'07, Atlanta Falcons '08-'09)

I wanted to let you know that for me the time spent on the camp was all I could have been and all I'd hoped for. From the time we arrived at the airport until leaving it on our return the experience and hosting was first class. Tyler, Ian, Steve and Eric are a really top notch group of young guys, who with there own individual personalities and collectively brought something very positive to the camp. 


Tyler and Ian are clearly 'fishing fools’ and their guiding reflected their passion for the sport of fishing and the Alaskan environment. I understand we may well have been lucky by hitting the salmon run at possibly the best time, but those guys demonstrated methods of fishing and reading of the river that made being there and participating a true joy.  I came with an open mind, although there was a bit of a list of things I had hoped to achieve. Without exception those guys helped me tick all the boxes. I know that the term ‘its called fishing and not catching’ is said often by anglers all over the world and is how we talk about our more challenging days. However we all like to catch and the catching was truly aplenty. We had some incredible encounters with some very memorable fish, which were all treated with the utmost respect by the guides, whether they were harvested or returned to carry on their journey up river. 


My most lingering memory will be an hour I had with an 8 weight fly rod at the end of day 3 where standing in the river by camp I hooked up with 14 salmon, of which I was lucky enough to meet 6 of them face to face. Apparently I was still smiling the following morning!


As Tyler and Ian were to the fishing, so Steve was to the cooking. We were promised top food and he really delivered, although how in that tent kitchen still amazes me. If he is there next season treat him to a new oven, he deserves it. Eric contributed in the smooth running of the camp and was always on hand to help when asked. 


All in all an amazing experience thank you. I have given thought to your request for suggestions to improve the service and I struggled, possibly if you could make it rain a little less to help with photo opportunities that might help!!!! 


I don’t know many folk that travel to Alaska to fish, but I promise those that do will be directed to your site.


Tight lines, Best wishes to you all