Far off Angling 's KING SALMON CAMP is a "one of a kind" king salmon fishing experience on the Nushagak River, Alaska.  The Nushagak River, in Bristol Bay (southwest Alaska) is considered one of the best king salmon fisheries in the world. The Nushagak King Salmon Camp is located in the heart of prime king salmon fishing country. Clients will be treated to what many believe to be a once in a lifetime Alaskan fishing experience, that is until they decide to do it again the next year! While remote, the Nushagak King Salmon Camp provides a first class camping experience with gourmet meals, hot showers and comfortable accommodations. 


SILVER SALMON FISHING: The Nushagak River also has a spectacular silver salmon run starting during the first part of August and running through the end of September.  After the king salmon run is over, we offer silver salmon fishing.  Silver salmon (also called coho) are one of  the best pound-for-pound fighting salmon.  These acrobatic fish range from 8 to 15 pounds on the Nushugak River and, when the run is on, you can expected to land 10 to 30 silvers per day.  


REMOTE RIVER RAFTING FLOAT TRIPS: In August and September, we also offer 5 - 7 day float trips for the die hard fisherman on various rivers in South Central Alaska, such as the Mulchatna, Alagnak, Kivchak, New Stuhok and Koktuli Rivers.  These rivers are located less than a two hour airplane ride from our camp.  This excursion is limited to two people and your guide. Depending on the river, you will fish for all species of salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden and arctic grayling as you float through some of the most pristine, remote and beautiful country you will ever encounter.        

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